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Indoor Air Quality

Although many homeowners think of air pollution as being an issue outside the home, indoor air is commonly far more polluted than outside air. Unfortunately, some common health issues are exacerbated or caused by airborne contaminants.

We take your health seriously and can help ensure safe indoor air quality in your home or business. Maintaining adequate ventilation and ideal humidity levels are two of the most common strategies for improving indoor air quality in both home and commercial properties alike.

Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilators for Your NH Home

Heat recovery ventilators (HRV) and energy recovery ventilators (ERV) improve indoor ventilation by removing stale air, odors, and airborne pollutants while supplying an equal amount of fresh, filtered air.

We install high-quality HRV and ERV systems throughout New Hampshire and Middlesex County, Massachusetts. These durable systems are ENERGY STAR-compliant and help boost home energy efficiency.

Many home ventilation units, such as exhaust fans, allow heated air to leave the home without capturing the energy. This drives up your energy bills. HRV and ERV systems transfer heat from the exhaust air to the intake air, saving energy. This allows you to have both fresh air and low energy bills.

The HRV systems we install filter the intake air into your home, removing many common contaminants. Many people who suffer from allergies and asthma find relief by breathing filtered air because many common allergy and asthma triggers are removed.

Maintain Ideal Humidity Levels With Home Dehumidifiers

From Hillsborough to Rockingham, Cheshire, Belnap, and beyond, many New Hampshire homes have moist basements. This creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and dust mites. Unfortunately, the indoor air quality in the home is largely impacted by the air quality in the basement.

Building Efficiencies installs dehumidification systems that maintain ideal humidity levels in the home. We can create a lasting solution for moist basements, improving the air quality throughout the home.

Want to promote indoor air quality for a healthier home? Contact Building Efficiencies today!