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Commercial Fire Stopping

Fire compliance and building codes are getting stricter than ever. Throughout New Hampshire and Middlesex, Massachusetts, hospitals, elderly care facilities, apartment complexes, restaurants, industrial buildings, and retail projects are using commercial fire stopping techniques for compliance.

At Building Efficiencies, we provide commercial fire stopping solutions for commercial buildings throughout New Hampshire. The fire stopping services we provide help simplify the inspection process and prevent smoke, fire, and toxic gases from spreading.

The products we install include high-quality intumescent fire retardants and thermal barrier coatings for a variety of surfaces and materials.

Common Areas for Fire Stopping Work:

  • Electrical, mechanical, or structural penetrations

  • Rated walls and floors

  • Top of wall joints

  • Unpenetrated openings

  • Data and voice penetrations

  • Floors to exterior walls (when required by code)

Fire Containment for Greater Safety & Compliance

Fire containment is an important and often overlooked aspect of fire stopping in New England. This strategy helps prevent fires from spreading through openings and joints in walls, floors, and ceilings. Fire containment is so important because it gives occupants the time they need to escape safely. The strategy can also lower commercial insurance premiums, helping to reduce your operating costs.

High-Quality Fire Stopping Products

At Building Efficiencies, we believe in using exceptional products with a proven track record for excellence, so you can pass your fire inspections. We use some of the most highly-rated commercial fire barrier caulks, foams, mortars, boards, intumescent strips, and putties on the market. The intumescent fire retardants and thermal barriers we use have been thoroughly tested and are 3rd-party inspected.

Customized Fire-Stopping Solutions for Your New Hampshire Business

Our team doesn’t take a cookie-cutter approach to commercial fire compliance. Instead, we tailor our fire stopping solutions to your business. We will analyze your property and then provide solutions that help you meet compliance, increase fire safety, and possibly reduce insurance premiums. This gives you confidence that your business is safe and up to code.

Ready for a fire stopping solution for greater commercial safety and compliance? Contact Building Efficiencies today.